Table of Contents

A Schedule
B-E Course Descriptions
F-H David’s Syllabi
I-M David’s Detailed Class Outline
N-P Books to Read

1 Phones, Safety, and House Rules
2-3 PreTest Questions
4 Root/Soul Frequency Checklist


Sound Healing Overview Class with David Gibson

Physics of Sound
5 Characteristics of Sound Waves
6-8 Resonance
9-13 Harmonic Structure of Sound
14-15 Metaphysics of Sound

16-19 Pitch to Frequency Charts
20-21 Archetypal Frequencies
22-23 Frequency Ranges of Musical Instruments
24-25 Pitches of the Spine
26-37 Solfeggio Frequencies and other info from SomaEnergetics
38-44 Frequencies of Muscles based on Kinesiology
45 Assessment Tools for finding Frequencies
46 Frequency Healing Modes
47 Use Sound to deal with Challenge and Conflict
Cymatherapy Frequencies (Sent by Email); Rife Frequencies (Sent by Email)
Comprehensive list of Frequencies for Organs, Issues and Diseases (Sent by Email)

48 History of Medicine
49 The Busy Body: Number Cells, Muscles, Neurons and Processes in the body
50-56 Organs and Systems
57 The Heart
58 Frequencies of Organs
59 Emotions and Organs
60 East West Organ Comparison
61-65 Endocrine System
66 Chakras, Glands, and Subtle Body Chart
67 Hierarchical Structure of the Human Body Field
68 Biological Frequencies
69 Stressors and Distortions
70-79 Research from “The Field” by Lynn McTaggart:
a) Research showing that cells communicate with Resonance
b) Research showing that Water is like a tape recorder
c) Research proving Intention
d) Research proving the effectiveness of transmitting Healing Energy
e) Research about the frequency of Parasites, Bacteria, etc.

Brainwave Entrainment
80-82 Brainwave States
83-87 Binaural Beats

88 Chakra Sounds, Pitches, and Frequencies
89-96 Chakra Charts

Releasing Stuck Emotions
97 Sound of Emotions
98 9 Ways to Release Stuck Emotions

Advanced Physics of Sound
99-101 Envelopes of Sound
102-103 Volume Measurement and Perception
104-105 The Ear
106 Phase Cancellation

Voice Analysis
107-121 Pitches and the Body from the VoiceBio system
122 Voice Mapping Pitches of Emotions

Alfred Tomatis
123-128 Tomatis and the Ear
129-134B Tomatis Research – The Davis Center

Healing Center Info
134C Musical Dynamics for Healing Sessions; Healing Center Intake Questions
134D&E Informed Consent Release Forms
134F Aspects of a Sound Production

Toning, Chant, and Mantra with Suzanne Sterling and Janis Arch

340 Toning
341 Guidelines for Toning
342-343 Spiral of Consciousness – Tom Kenyon
344-436 The Four Streams of Sacred Sound
347 Listening and Silence
348-351 AUM
352 HU
353 The Gayatri Mantra
354 Six Healing Sounds Qigong
355 Sarve Shaam – Traditional Prayer
356 Purification Mantra
357 Mantras
358 Mantric Practice
359 Five Tibetan Warrior Syllables
360 Vowel/Chakra Sounds
361 Chanting
362-366 Variety of Chants
367-370 Overtone Chanting
371 Vocal Meditation
372 Understanding Trance
373-375 Hand Mudras and the Chakras
376 Ritualizing Your Practice
377 Bibliography
377A Bija Sounds – Seed Mantras
377B-E Hebrew Sounds
377F-H Naad Yoga
377I Instruments from India


Sacred Voice with Jan Cercone

378 Going Home with Sound
379 Sound the Colors of the Planets
380-381 Jan’s Links and Bibliography


Inner Music Theory with Craig Godfrey

382-384 Syllabus
385 Glossary
386 Why We are Studying
387-390 Archetypal Relationships of Musical Intervals
391 Intervals on Keyboard
392, 393 Levels of Intervals
394, 395 Pachelbel’s Canon
396, 397 Types of Intervallic Movement
398 Holon Intro
399-402 Interval movement in Chants
403-405 Tone Movement in Chants
406-408 Chord Movement in Chants
409 Music of Holons
410 Holons and Sound Healing
411, 412 Everyday Intervals
413-416 Harmonic Series
417-420 Musical Scales for Healing
421, 422 Scale Chart
423 Chinese Penta Assoc
424-428 Mode Chart(also has text)
429 Singing on the Body
430 Musical Modes diagram


Vocal Sounds and Protocols

431 Vocal Sounds
432 Voice Healing Protocols


Resonant Connections with Randy Masters
Only a Small Portion of these are discussed in the classes

135-137 Randy’s Course Topics
138-141 Nature of Vibration
142-145 The First Principle in the Science of Getting Rich – Wallace Wattles
146 New Chakra System
147 Rotational Sound Frequencies of our Sun, Moon, and Planets
148-149 The Transformation Pyramid Meditation
150-152 The Teleportation Meditation

Color and Light
153-154B Color descriptions
154C Color Tape Healing
154D Extendend Ghadiali Color System
154E Advanced Chakra Colors and Sounds
155-56 Colorized water and organs – “Photobiotics” by Dr. Charles McWilliams
157 Colors and Personal Growth
158 Rays and Their Colors – “The Harmonics of Sound, Color & Vibration by William David
159-60 The Seven Rays and Gems – “Rays of Truth – Crystals of Light” by Fred Bell
161 Coloring of the Cube – “New Dimensions for the Cube of Space” by David Allen Hulse
162 Colors for Dressing and Rooms
163-70 Properties of Color
171 Color Rays, Principles and Breathing
172-73 Color Healing Chart
174 Colors on the Body Diagram
175 Chemical Elements by Color
176 Twenty Common Colors and their Frequencies from “The Eqyptian Miracle”

Sacred Geometry
177-179 Bibliography of Sacred Geometry Resources
179B Crystal Systems
180 Great Pyramid Diagram
181 Kings Chamber
182 Dodecahedron Stereogram
183 Solfeggio Frequencies in Water Crystals
184 Chartres diagram
185 Sacred Geometry of Washington DC
186 Mandelbrot Spinning
187 Mandelbrot Crop Circle
188 Aphrodite of Cyrene
189 Atomic Structure
190-92 Phi Ratios in the body
193 The Cosmic Egg
194-203 Platonic Solids
204 The Pleiadian Alphabet
205-208 Healing with Geometric Shapes
209-212 Tree of Life Geometries
213-214 Toroidal Geometry
215 Pyramid Meditation
216-218 Ultimate Protection Meditation
219 Crystal Systems
220-221 Drunvalo Heart meditation
222 Yin Yangs
223 Sri Yantra
224-225 Flower of Life
226 Aztec Calendar
227-232 Golden Mean
233 Another King’s Chamber Diagram
234-235 Solar System Orbit and Rotations Frequencies
236-237 Hebrew alphabet geometry
238-243 Musical Tuning Systems based on Geometry
244 Seven Processes for Emotions
245 Fibonacci Tuners
246 50 Note (One Octave) Lambdoma Matrix Scale
247 Perfect 5th Spiral Tuning
248 5 Limit Just Tuned Srutis of the North Indian Raga Scale System
249-263 Dan Winter’s Glossary of Terms


Sacred Geometry: Harmonics of Spaces with Richard Feather Anderson

264-267 Syllabus and Class Outline
268 What is Sacred Geometry
269 What Sacred Geometry Does
270 Geometry Guides Energy into Matter
271 The Geometry that Matters
272 Nodes in Spatial and Sonic Geometry
273 Pattern Recognition Tricks
274 Associations with Symmetry Patterns in Tibetan Mandalas
275 Flower of Creation Mandala – 1 Large Image

Part 2 — Symbolic Language
276 Flower of Creation Mandala – 2 smaller images
277 Twelve-fold symmetry in chlorophyll and rose window
278-79 A Creation Story – in the Language of Symbolic Geometry; Six plus One Geometry
280 First Human Experience of Geometry
281 Vesica Piscis – Three Realms of Consciousness
282 Creation Stories via Symbolic Geometry
283 Root Harmonies within Vesica Piscis: The Mother of Form
284 Christ within the Vesica Piscis
285-86 The Vesica Piscis in Cathedral Plans; Chartres Cathedral within Vesica Piscis

Part 3 — Musical & Spatial Harmonics
287 The Octave in Space & Sound
288 Natural Overtones as Parts of a Vibrating String
289 Mathematical Expressions of Intervals
290 Architectural Proportions as Frozen Music
291 Subdivision by Whole Numbers
292 Pre-drawn Rectangle for practice of subdividing by whole numbers
293-294 The Overtone Sequence – Natural Musical Harmonics

Part 4 — Laws of Harmony
295-296 Root Harmonies Rectangles; Golden Ratio Rectangle Construction
297 Inherent Relationships in Polygons
298 Nature & Symbolism of Square: a Crossing
299 Nature of Square Root
300 The Pythagorean Theorem
301-302 Solve for Diagonal of Square: Understanding Root Two Ratio;Understanding Root Three Ratio
303 Discovering inherent proportions of vesica piscis
304 The Square Begets the Root Rectangles
305 Solve for Diagonal of Double Square: Understanding Root Five Ratio
306-307 Practice Recognizing Rectangle Proportions #1
308 Significance of Vesica Piscis to Root Rectangles
309 Subdivision of Root Rectangles
310 Root Three Division by Hex Star

Part 5 — Golden Ratio in Nature, Golden Rule & Self-referential Consciousness

312 What Fibonacci Discovered in Flower Stalks
312B Geometrical Relationships in Growth of Spiral Plant Forms
313 Geometry Gives Identity to Form
314 What DaVinci Discovered in Human Anatomy
315 The Golden Section
316 Recipe for creating Phi: Finding 1 : ½ √5
317 Pre-drawn Square for construction of Golden Rectangle
318 The Phi Family: Reciprocals
319 Nautilus & the Phi Spiral
320-321 Drawing Phi Spirals
322 Geometry of DNA
323 To Divide a Line by the golden mean
324 Pre-drawn “L” – Practice Dividing line by golden mean
325 Da Vinci Man: “Human anatomy according to divine principles”
326 Discovering Golden Ratio in your Body

327-337 Annotated Bibliography of Sacred Geometry, Art & Architecture
338 Notes on Chant in Christian sacred choral traditions
339 Stabat Mater, etc. recommended sacred choral music recordings