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Certificate Program Details
Semester Schedule

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Photograph of a Water Droplet being Vibrated by Sound

Sound Healing and Therapy Certificate – ONLINE

The Sound Healing and Therapy Certificate Program is designed to help you obtain the knowledge and skills to work in the field as a Sound Healer, Sound Therapist or Sound Bath performer. You will learn many skills and techniques for working with people with a wide range of physical, mental and emotional issues. It is designed to learn how to help others as an occupation.

Three Main Goals of the Program
1. Understand the Universe based on Vibration

Everything is vibration.  When you understand how it all works you can better work with the laws of nature.  It also is important to entrain the mind into the natural patterns of Universe, so we can keep it out of trouble. When in alignment with those natural patterns we can use it to lead us back to nature and Spirit’s way.

2. Get High and Still – Over and Over
Sound and Music are incredibly effect at bringing us into a place of peace and stillness. There are many classes where you get to experience the profound effects of sound, music and intention.  When at peace, you are more healthy, your mind works better, you are more emotionally stable, and you have more access to higher energies and Spirit. The more this becomes the norm, the more powerful you are when you work on others, or yourself.

3. Learn Techniques and Skills to Work in the Field
We are a Vocational School so we are required to place at least 70% of our students.  We not only teach many skills for making this a career, we practice them.

The Program covers the full range of how sound affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will learn the detailed science behind sound, and you will learn many esoteric techniques from ancient times that still can’t be explained. With 10 instructors you get a full perspective on the field. You will learn a large amount of information on how the Body, Nature and Universe work from a frequency perspective. You will learn how to express your voice with sound and song, and use it for healing and well being. You will also understand how the full range of sound healing instruments work in sessions including Tuning Forks, Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, and Drums. You will also come to know how various technologies can be incorporated into sessions. You will also understand how to use color, light, geometry, and intention in a session – It is all Vibration.

Take the course with Live Instructors or at your own convenience.

The classes work really well online with the live instructors.
We tone, chant and do the full range of sound healings on each other.
It’s just like you are on a conference call on your computer. You can see our computer screen and sometimes you can see us when we turn on our webcam (If you have any fear of computers let us know and we’ll help you get set up).
It’s also nice having students from all over the world taking the classes.

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The online program in sound healing covers the effect of sound on human beings physiologically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

The classes are designed to provide students with a broad perspective on this expanding industry, enabling them to focus on their areas of interest. The program gets you to the point where you can utilize a variety of sound healing techniques.

The curriculum begins with an examination of the basic structure of sound and harmonics. We then use the harmonic structure of sound as a basis for understanding music theory and how musical intervals relate to and create different states of consciousness. All of this information is used to explore the human voice as a sound healing tool. We examine the physiology of the body, including a thorough examination of the composition of the human being from the physical to the spiritual. We explore the use of sound to bring people into altered states of consciousness and shift individuals into particular brainwave states, such as delta, theta and alpha. Finally, we look at the intersection of music, sound, vibration, consciousness, color, light, math and science. By studying the correspondences between all of these areas we see the interconnectedness of all human beings to each other, to nature and to the universe.

Free Video Examples of Online Classes
These are 2 classes within the Sound Healing Overview Course within the Program

The Resonance class is the first class of the semester with David Gibson.  It includes information on the physics of sound and ends with the frequency of God or Source (all frequencies in the Universe).  Note that this class is a little more technical.  Many of the classes are very experiential.  Also David is only one of 12 instructors.  Each instructor has their own unique style.
CLICK HERE to watch online. Class is 1.5 hours.  Enjoy.

Here is another class on the Sound of Chakras.
CLICK HERE to watch online. This class is 2 hours.  Enjoy.
Here’s the link for the Chakra Guided Meditation that we listen to at the end of the class:

With Live Instructors

Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8 PM and Saturdays 10 AM – 1 PM. All times are Pacific Time. If you can’t make a class you can watch the video or catch it the next semester.

Office Hours
David will be available by email randomly. Often he will get back to you almost immediately. Maximum time would normally only be 24 hours (except on weekends).

You will also be able to email other students with questions.

Equipment Requirements
– You must have a computer (Mac or PC) with at least Broadband access.
– You will also need a headset with built-in microphone to be able to communicate by voice through the computer (a mic built in to a laptop is not good enough quality). USB Headsets start around $30. You don’t need to buy any software. We use a meeting software that only requires you to log on. You will be able to see the instructor’s computer screen (if they are using a computer).
– You will receive a 300 page reader and a number of songs to download. CLICK HERE to see the table of contents for the reader.

Homework Assignments
Various Homework assignments to be completed (not a huge amount of work)

By Video

These are videos of the online classes that you can watch at your own convenience. The videos sometimes include webcams of the instructors. You will normally be seeing the computer screen of the instructor (Graphics, videos, white board drawings, word documents). You will still have homework assignments, final paper and final exam. Broadband internet conneciton required. You may watch the classes online or download them for later viewing. You will receive a 300 page reader and a number of songs to download. CLICK HERE to see the table of contents for the reader.

DSL or Broadband required (Mac or PC).

You may start whenever you like and watch at any pace you prefer. We recommend that you do three classes per week, but you may take a break whenever you like.

Office Hour
Check in every other week with David at a set time at your convenience to see how things are going and to review what you’ve learned the previous week. You may send email questions whenever you like. We will try and respond within 24 hours.

Live Class Access
Join the live online classes whenever you might be available. See the Equipment Requirements in the column to the left.

Homework Assignments
Various Homework assignments to be completed (not a huge amount of work)

Sound Healing and Therapy Certificate Program – 186 Hours

Student Outcomes

Students will be qualified to:
• Work as a Sound Healer, Sound Therapist, Sound Practitioner, Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Health Practitioner, Musician, or Singer in the field.
• Design a sound healing session for yourself and for others based on an assessment and desired outcomes.
• Perform a sound healing session on a person based on the issues the person is experiencing.
• Perform a sound healing session for a group of people.
• Students will also obtain the following Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how frequencies, tonalities, music and intention work within the body to create health.
  • Learn how to raise your own consciousness in order to become a better sound healer, by uncovering and transforming hidden beliefs.
  • Understand how sound affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, in order to create more effective treatments for yourself and others.
  • Comprehend music theory as a way to understand how the body, nature and the universe works, in order to utilize this knowledge in sound healing treatments.
  • Learn how to devise and conduct a healing session on others, with voice and sound healing instruments.
  • Acquire the ability to use a wide range of techniques including sound, color and geometry to bring someone into a relaxed state of being.
  • Gain a wider understanding of the capabilities of all the Sound Healing instruments.
  • Understand the use of the human voice in various healing practices, including a history of singing and self expression as used in ritual by many spiritual traditions and cultures.
  • Explore a diverse range of frameworks and modalities of consciousness and sound healing.
  • Understand the relationships between all aspects of vibration (including sound, color, light, geometry and the quantum world) — to become more connected to Nature and Source and be able to practice sound healing in alignment with Source.
  • Develop the ability to market your sound healing practice successfully.
Certificate Program
(Same as 1st Semester of the Degree)
COURSES Hrs Credits
SH100 Sound Healing and Therapy Overview 63 4
SH110 Inner Awareness & Transformation through Sound 33 2
SH120 Inner Music 15 1
SH130 Voice, Toning, Chant and Mantra 45 3
SH140 Sound, Consciousness and Spirituality 30 2
TOTAL 186 12


Completion Requirements

To get the Certificate at the Institute or Online you must complete 186 Hours. You must also complete each of the 5 courses within the Program with a “C” average. There is a 2 page research paper required and a final exam at the end of the semester. Attendance must be at 90% or better and no outstanding fees. There are no equipment or supplies that must be purchased.

Online classes start about every two weeks and take 6 months to complete. You must complete within 9 months.

Ongoing Enrollment – The class is ongoing enrollment so classes start about every two weeks.

The Certificate Program is the first semester of the Degree Program.

CLICK HERE to see the detailed schedule.

The full certificate program is $2000.

If doing a payment plan for the full program you must pay in full within 5 months.


Online Classes Refund Policy
Once a student has enrolled, a student may receive a full refund (minus the registration fee) if the student has not received any of the class materials. The student must cancel in writing (email is acceptable). The refund will be processed and sent out within 45 days of the time of cancellation. Once the student has received the class materials (readers and videos of the classes), there is no refund. If the student has trouble downloading the material we will provide detailed assistance.

Depending on the instructor’s assignments students will have homework and assignments to turn in. All students must turn in a Final Research paper for the whole semester. Students must complete a Midterm and Final Exam. The final exam is sent to the students once they have completed all the assignments and attended all of the classes. Students get two weeks to take the final exam and email it back. All materials are returned to the student within ten days.

Course Descriptions
Below are short synopses of each course. Click on “MORE DETAILS” at the end of each course synopsis to get to the detailed descriptions. Not all classes are offered each semester.

Course #

Course Descriptions

63 Hours
4 Credits

Sound Healing and Therapy Overview (Core Course)

45 Hrs

Sound Healing and Therapy Overview
15 Classes

This Course covers the full perspective of everything going on of the field of Sound Healing and Sound Therapy. It gives you a good overview of the basic structure of sound and how it can be used for meditation, relaxation, learning, productivity, healing and raising consciousness. We also look at the history and ethics of music and sound healing.

We begin with the basic concepts of Sound Healing including the Law of Resonance, Entrainment, the Harmonic Structure of Sound, the effect of different Volumes on people, and the powerful effects of Phase Cancellation on us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Steven Halpern brings his years of experience and information gathering to the class.

We also discuss how Voice Analysis systems work and we perform Voice Analyses on each of the students.

We look at the importance of tuning systems based on nature. And, we go through all of the archetypal healing frequencies that have been used since the beginning of time — from 1 – 400,000 Hertz.

We discuss binaural beats and how they entrain the brain into different brainwave states (gamma, alpha, theta, delta and subdelta), and synchronize the left and right brain.

We then look at all of the techniques for releasing stuck emotions with sound. These techniques are extremely important, because many say that 50% of disease is as a result of stuck emotions.

We discuss how nature sounds heal and we listen to the secret world that you find when you slow them down electronically. Nature is the most amazing sound healer of all.

Susanne Runion covers how to market your Sound Healing Practice in the Sound Healing Marketing. Susanne has written the main book in the field on Alternative Therapies Marketing. She shares over 100 detailed practical techniques for attracting and retaining clients with little or no money — and doing it with integrity.

For those taking the full Certificate Program, this class is like “homeroom” for all of the other classes.(MORE DETAILS)

Instructors: David Gibson, Steven Halpern, Susanne Runion

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15 Hrs

Sound Healing Instruments – Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks, etc.
5 classes

The basis of frequency, timbre (tonality or tone) and how they affect a person physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually.  The different types of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks and sound healing instruments.  Techniques for using each on yourself, in healing sessions, and in sound healing events in front of a group.

Instructor: David Gibson Randy Masters


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3 Hrs

Sound Healing Marketing
1 class

The course helps students to learn all the necessary skills to successfully run a Sound Healing practice.  It covers over 100 detailed techniques on how to get your business up and running with very little money, how to attract clients and how to retain them.  We also explain how to add Sound Healing to expand an existing practice.

Instructor: Susanne Runion

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33 Hours
2 Credits

Inner Awareness and Transformation through Sound

15 Hrs

Inner Awareness
5 classes

The use of sound as a personal tool for your own creative development. An exploration of your sound landscape and consciousness. Techniques to access a deeper awareness of your own inner sound world. Students express themselves sonically by exploring the relationship of sound to thought forms, feelings, and emotions. How to use your voice to heal and raise consciousness – your own and others.

Instructor: Silvina Vergara, Vickie Dodd, David Gibson


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12 Hrs

Voice Healing and Boundaries
4 classes

This class explains a detailed process for using the voice for healing on another person.  First, you learn how to assess the body with your voice to find any issues.  You then use your voice to breakup or harmonize any issues.

The class also covers a detailed way of understanding energetic boundaries between you and the person you are working on.  This understanding and awareness makes it so you don’t invade the client’s space and so you are protected from taking on their energy or problems.

Instructor: Lisa Rafel

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6 Hrs

The Sound of Love
2 classes

A truly transformative workshop designed to open your heart. You will learn sound techniques for connecting with people from a heart center, creating more intimacy in relationships, and connecting to spiritual love.

In this unique 2 day workshop you will use sound to open up and access deeper levels of connecting through love. This workshop will open your heart to others and spirit (love from above or within). When you reside in your heart with one another a resonant field is setup that not only transforms your every communication, but also adds to a planetary resonant field that affects the entire planet.

Instructors: David Gibson, Silvina Vergara

15 Hours
1 Credit

Inner Music

15 Hrs

Inner Music Theory
5 Classes

This class covers the fundamentals of music theory with an emphasis on how each aspect affects human beings on all levels. The course uses creative techniques to help students acquire a deeper understanding of the nuances of intervals and musical composition. The course uses the harmonic structure as the basis for the exploration of the underlying meaning of musical intervals.

With a basic grounding in the terminology and mechanics of music we will explore how to apply emerging knowledge and ideas in Psychoacoustics to actual pieces of music and live healing sessions.

  • Harmonic Series and Intervals
  • Rhythm and Groove
  • Tuning Systems
  • Toning, Seed Syllables, Mantra
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Live flow of a healing session
  • Resonance of relationship

This course will provide some fundamentals of concepts in music, the association of these concepts to developing healing music and a safe place to explore the various modalities of psychoacoustics through active listening and creative projects.

Additionally, this course will emphasize the development of the student’s abilities of discernment around the inner experience of sound. This ability is key to understanding the nature of the effects of different modalities of healing and styles of music. It also provides the foundation for a truly meaningful exchange between the healer and the client- the very basis for that conversation is an ability to understand how these tools affect us- how sound and music affect our consciousness and our bodies.

Instructor: Gerald Savage
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45 Hours
3 Credits

Voice, Toning, Chant, and Mantra

30 Hrs

Toning, Chant and Mantra
10 classes

When used with intention, our own voice can be a miraculous healing tool. It is a primordial pathway into our body and soul. In this workshop we will explore how sound vibrates our inner body. With toning techniques, we will experience where sound resonates and how to use that vibration to massage from the inside out, clearing the chakras, relaxing the body and releasing old outdated imprinting. We will learn chants from several ethnic traditions and feel the commonality and differences of rhythm and pulse. Through Vocal Meditation we will discover how to create our own sacred chant.

Instructor: Suzanne Sterling, Janis Arch

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6 Hrs

Sound, Movement and Voice
2 classes

This class helps to cleanse the physical and energetic bodies using healing tones & movement vibration in order to bring increased light into the physical and energetic bodies, thereby causing healing and transformation. KiVo offers the sound healer a new palette by adding the dancing body and opens the way for spirit healing in the Shamanic tradition.

Specific learning goals:

In-depth study of the Chakras, Vocal Chakra Healing Tones (VoCHeTTM) and their associative Choreography

Introduction of select Body Chants (BoCha!TM) and associative Choreography

Extended vocal production techniques to increase resonance

Exploration of rhythmic patterns to create a trance state
Integration of earth & celestial energies/body & voice

Instructor: Lis Addison


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9 Hrs

3 classes
This course introduces and reinforces the foundational techniques of singing, tone production, musicianship, and interpretation. This class is designed to explore and develop the singing voice through a study of human physiology, the physics of sound, and basics of acoustics and resonance as applied to the student’s own body and voice.  The course will cover basic elements of vocal technique, including analysis of individual problems and corrective solutions.

Learn about basic, healthy vocal production including an introduction to human physiology, posture, breathing, resonance, articulation, and vowel production. The student will work on specific skills using an array of exercises and then apply these skills to one piece of repertoire that will be practiced each week. The skills covered in this class can be applied to all styles of singing and support vocal longevity, flexibility, and health.

Instructor: Anne Hege,


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30 Hours
2 Credits

Sound, Consciousness, and Spirituality

15 Hrs

Resonant Connections: Sound, Light, Color, Geometry, Chemistry, Physics, and Consciousness
5 Classes

An exploration of the connections between sound and healing from an esoteric perspective with an eye toward the current scientific research being conducted in this field. The understanding of the interconnectedness of the multidimensional levels of sound, vibration, music and consciousness.

I. Harmonics of Sound
II. Harmonies of Color and Light
III. Harmonics of Form

– Cymatics: Forms and Shapes create by sound. Geometry of Music – Music of Geometry
– How does music convey emotions? Music of the Golden Mean – Music of the Phi Ratio Universe.
– Relationships of Sound and Color. Sounds of our solar system.
– Survey of Ancient Musical Scales. Understanding acoustical foundations of harmony.
– Chakra systems and applied tuning forks.
– World music rhythms and archetypes.
– The relationship of sacred geometry to musical intervals.
– Living in Unity Field Consciousness

Instructor: Randy Masters
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15 Hrs

Sacred Geometry – Harmonics of Space
5 Classes

In the ancient mystery schools, the study of the harmonics or proportions of Nature, the human body, architecture and music were considered to be a single subject. The intention of this course is to bring awareness of the proportions of spaces and natural forms to those studying the harmonics of sound, so you can see the harmonics you hear, and to explore how the knowledge of the symbolic meaning of geometrical shapes can support the art of healing with sound.

Geometry is the ultimate basis of harmony;
it guides the growth of the human skeleton and all material forms


• To familiarize those who are studying the harmonics of sound with the parallel subject of the harmonic ratios found in two- and three-dimensional space, via the ancient discipline of symbolic geometry.

• To provide a visual and kinesthetic avenue to understand the laws of natural harmony – to see and touch the harmonic ratios that one hears in music, to create a more multi-sensory understanding of harmonics.

• To stimulate renewed exploration, beyond the limits of this introductory session, into the ancient concept that architectural environments possess vibratory qualities, depending on their proportions, which can affect human consciousness. (“Why does this space feel good?” is a similar question to “Why does this music move me to tears?”)

Instructor: Richard Feather Anderson


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186 Hrs

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