Music Comments

Music Comments

Unconditional Divine Love

This beautiful piece of music has helped me already to take several deep meditative journeys. The first time I used it, I traveled back through my life re-connecting with experiences from childhood through to now. The music is calming and yet uplifts you onto waves of joy. This is sure to become my favorite track. – Katja 2011 (Australia/Tasmania)

First song on the CD:

It’s the only melody in the world, which can calm me and force me to sleep beautiful dreams even while I’m depressed, angry or overexcited. I can’t describe the feeling when this music helps me to find love in the world around me. Thank you for this masterpiece. And may God bless you. – Memkiss

Its Really beautiful, love it 🙂 – johannes712

I cannot stop listening to this! – sunflower17
I can’t even use words, this is beautiful, this is pure. This music holds love within it’s very essence of creation, and I can feel it resonate inside of me. I love all of you, change is coming, we can all undeniable feel this. We are all in this together, united by our love, moving together wherever this mysterious universe takes us. And I really don’t know where we are going, but as long as we have each other, I think we’ll be okay. 🙂 – sexyninj

Very beautiful… simply Amazing…. – superfar

You are Blessed, I am Blessed, We are Blessed, They are Blessed. . .- myheartsingz

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Unconditional Divine Peace

For me Divine Peace deeply resonates harmony and calm. It allows you to drift on soft waves towards peace and surrender. I felt alive and centered in the ocean of life. Beautiful harmonies to dissolve depression, anxiety and sadness. A gorgeous track to uplift you into rays of hope and love. – Katja 2011 (Australia/Tasmania)

First song on the CD is the same as “Unconditional Love” — See comments above

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Today I played this piece of music upon awakening. It seems to radiate peace and calm. Surprisingly enough, I was energized enough to complete a creative work project with deep focus. Awakening facilitated a sense of personal satisfaction and spiritual connection to my work. A beautiful track as both background music and for meditative practice. – Katja 2011 (Australia/Tasmania)

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A divine track of music. For me it has been soothing, creating calm spaces. My heart has been able to relax, let go and heal. I have used it to create and complete creative projects as well as to gently drift into sleep. It is almost like being enfolded in soft wings holding you close and safe. – Katja 2011 (Australia/Tasmania)

I listened to the whole CD while at Earthdance. I was blown away… I was actually transported back in time through an entire journey of my whole life. I came back with a profoundly clear perspective on my whole life’s journey and now…my soul purpose. Just amazing! – Joseph

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Surrender and Healing

The Surrender compilation is akin to a choir of angels accompanying our journey. It is deeply peaceful and healing. It specifically helped me to connect with my ancestors, my grandmother and her teachings. Surrender quiets the mind and opens the heart for deep trance and relaxation. Intense but simply beautiful. – Katja 2011 (Australia/Tasmania)

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Nutri-Energetics Systems – “Body Field Sound Healing”

I’m a professional singer, and over a year ago I lost my voice. After listening to the whole CD 2 times in a row, my voice came back. I am not kidding! My voice came back. I’m now in tears. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful CD. – Jane, Asland Oregon

After playing this track many times in one day:
My elbow, that had been hurting for about a month, no longer hurt.. I had made an appointment with Harry to adjust it, but canceled after only one day of listening to this track. I can now bend my arm, which I had been unable to bend for about seven years, and had seen doctors and physical therapists to treat, but to no avail. My fingers no longer curl up on my right hand and I can fully extend them. I can do pull-ups on my trapeze, which I had not been able to do for about a year. I can throw my blankets down from my chest to my feet, which I had not been able to do consistently for a couple of years. I can sit up without assistance. My taste buds are on overdrive, but I now seem to like only natural foods, like fruits, vegetables, and chicken (a good thing). I have less of an appetite. I sleep like a log. My male dogs have not tried humping my neutered cat, which had seemed to be an obsession with them.
When I called to cancel my appointment and tell Harry the good news about listening to this track, I explained that I had listened to it repeatedly for several hours, and that everything happened “just like that,” as I snapped my fingers, for the first time since I who knows when. This music is freakishly impressive. I first heard it on a Friday and ordered the CD the following Monday. Just play. Listen when you can. – Cama Klene

Comments on the 2nd song, “Emotional Stress Relief”

Oh my God this helps so much -Lenix

I am feeling a little better everytime i repeat it – rockingeightyfour

The body lives off of energies so it takes different types of energy to keep Our bodies going. From the foods we eat to the water we drink to the types of music We listen to. All these things either have a negative or positive affect on Our energies according to the qualities of each. Sound is a powerful and influential energy which can either have negative or positive reverberations that affect the human body and mind. – GoDeSSoftheWhurWind

Most definitely getting the CD. I have been looping this song for an hour or so, and I can feel the energy flowing around me. I feel like I have just stirred stagnant energy, and i am revitalized. – chiropteran13

All i can say is WOW!!! i just listened to this track for the first time and the section towards the end with the loud ringing had an effect on me ive never experienced before,it felt like a rush of energy going up my legs. I am going to listen to it again to see what happens – misspeaceout75

I tested my millivolts on a voltmeter while listening to this song. The first seconds in it brings my energy in millivolts up to 1900 (used the 200mv range). That is fantastic. I am impressed. I purchased the cd and will test the other songs. This tells me that it does indeed have restorative properties for the body. My normal millivolts on an average is in the 200-300 range. Enjoyed the song. Thank you. Namaste – bon91342

I have to admit, even though I knew the Body Field Sound Healing CD was powerful, I never anticipated the amazing results you received just by listening to this one sound track. -cdklene

After playing this track many times in one day: My elbow, that had been hurting for about a month, no longer hurts. I can now bend my arm, which had been tight for about seven years. My fingers no longer curl up on my right hand and I can fully extend them. I can do pull-ups on my trapeze, which I had not been able to do for about a year. I can throw my blankets down from my chest to my feet, which I had not been able to do for a couple of years. My taste buds are on overdrive. – cdklene

Comments on the 10th song, “Unconditional Love”
Same song as on the beginning of the Uncondtional Love CD at the top of the page (See comments there)

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Healing Stories Using the Cymatics Frequencies

Bones CD
At the end of January, 2011 I shattered my femur while snowmobiling. I started using the “Happy Bones” CD the day after I got out of the hospital (I was in the hospital for 4 days). I will admit it seemed a bit odd — but I figured it couldn’t hurt. I put the CD in a player and gently placed the speakers on my mending leg. I did this several times per day for 3 months. At the two week followup appointment with my surgeon she had x-rays taken. The x-rays showed my bone was starting to take in calcium. My surgeon told me that broken bones start to take in calcium at four weeks — she had never seen a broken bone begin to take in calcium at two weeks before!

I am now seven months past the accident. I am walkin, hiking, jogging and working out. I am also walking normally — no limp. I was told at the start of this journey after about a year it would begin to feel like “my leg” again. It feels like my leg now. I believe the healing sounds played a large part in my full recovery – Ellen W.

Nerves, Tendons, and Ligaments CD
My knee was practically frozen… I could hardly bend it. After ten minutes of the frequencies it was 50% better. – Susanne

Digestion CD
I was ill in my digestive system on Thursday. On Friday I got overall well being, but the digestion not yet. On Saturday I used the Digestion Cyma frequencies twice and I got 90% better. Today I am very well. It worked very fast. Thanks so much for your work and care.
– Maria