Sound and Song Examples

Many of the low frequencies you won’t be able to hear on computer speakers.
You will need some speakers or headphones with good bass.

Tuvan Overtone and Throat Singing

Slow Fade of a Crystal Bowl (18″ F Frosted Bowl)

Meadow Lark Sparrow – Normal Speed (then listen to the one below)

Meadow Lark Sparrow – Slowed Down 5 times

Schumann Resonance – 7.83 hertz

Cat Purrs

Example of “Whoa” for the 3rd Chakra

Cokie Frogs

Peace by Connecting Earth and Spirit through the Heart

“Holding Frequency” – Toning to the Schumann Resonance with the Intention of Holding Frequency no matter what challenge or conflict you come across in your life.

Calm Sleep CD – 60 mins

Timbre of the Sound of Love

Unconditional Love – 6 minutes

Unconditional Love Guided Meditation – 20 minutes

Chakra Guided Meditation – 15 minutes

Example Song of Just Intonation – “The Painted Bird” by Mark Deutsch on the CD, “The Fool”

Sample of Crystal Bowls

Tibetan Bowls

Tingshas Sound


Tuning Fork



Major Third Musical Interval

Minor Sixth Musical Interval