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Open House and Free Sound Healing Workshop
Sharing Sound
Sunday June 30th 1-6 PM

Sound of Love Store also OPEN

This is more than an Open House, it is a complete Sound Healing Experience.
You will learn about the full range of how sound affects us
physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually.
You will also experience many heart opening sound meditations with voice and a full range of Sound Healing Instruments and technologies from our
Sound Healing Store.

You are welcome to come for just part of the experience,
but we’ll be doing different things throughout the day —
so come for the whole day if you can.

Resonance Spaces, The Harmonic Structure of Sound, The Sound Of Love,
Brainwave Entrainment with Binaural Beats, Use of Intention with Sound,
Root/Soul Frequencies, Sound Journey, and Toning together.

Throughout the Day
Sound Chair and Table Experiences

If you can’t make the open house,
call or email to setup a personal tour at your convenience.

At the Institute 351 9th St. #202 San Francisco
No need to register…. you can just show up.
Plenty of free parking on Sundays.

Language of Light Sound Journey
with Jamie Lu 

Saturday June 15th  7-9 PM

Join us for a magical and uplifting evening with visiting sound healer and teacher, Jamie Lu. “Jamie Lu is a gifted intuitive healer utilizing a variety of methods, including touch, sound, and energy work to induce transformation and balance on every level of the mind, body and spirit. She is world-renowned for working with difficult illnesses and diseases, after healing herself from a heart condition and Hashimoto’s disease at age 24.” — Ryan Mandell, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

Sound unifies our bodies with our Spirit, creating a bridge for higher wisdom to ground into form. It has the ability to dispel doubt, enabling a felt experience of heightened connection, inner confidence and embodiment of one’s spiritual growth. Experience how resonant frequencies can heal and unify the body, heart and mind. Feel lighter, clearer and more uplifted, naturally. Jamie uses channeled healing tones, light language, crystal bowls and solfeggio pipes to assist in awakening realizations and shifts in the body. This experience is the perfect compliment to any meditative or yogic practice to facilitate change and deepen one’s awareness.

Suggested donation: $30
1-1 Sessions Available:
Join Jamie Lu this Holiday season at the Maui Sound Healing Retreat, in Hawaii:

You can also just show up.

Sound Healing Reviews:

“Omg! You are amazing Jamie!!! My period started and I didn’t feel depressed at all this month! No crying, no Nothing! Only a little unexplainable anger and frustration that came up but guess Thats a deeper layer under the sadness. Can’t believe it and hope it Will stay like this in the cycles to come!” #healingPMDD

“I was suffering from thyroid and adrenal issues. After my work with Jamie’s sound healings, I no longer have the growth or symptoms! The doctors are amazed and I am forever grateful for Jamie’s support and compassionate care. She helped me see what I needed to do to heal myself. It is highly empowering.” #thyroidhealing

“With the work I did with Jamie over the course of a year I was able to find my female energy. Feminine strength is magical and currently lost to us in many ways on earth, I believe working with Jamie truly helped me re gift this to myself in a way that I could be home where ever I went and trust who I am in spirit, love. This is a priceless gift that I urge you to give to yourself.” #femininestrength

“The severe physical pain I had at the time practically vanished within hours after her session. I was astonished that I was able to recover so quickly and walk again. I was also able to understand the deeper messages of my physical manifestation. Deep gratitude to Jamie and her loving presence. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for alternative therapies. I believe that her work is one in a million and will continue to touch many other lives with her pure gift from source.”

“Jamie is truly the most humble, incredible healer I have seen. I have had what the doctors would label CFS for over 10 years and have seen countless practitioners. Jamie is able to see so clearly how the physical, emotional and physic bodies are interrelated and work on the specific area that needs to shift. Her treatment had me in a deep theta state, which is hard for me to slip into due to my physical pain. She uses sound healing and her incredible voice to go even deeper. I set an intention at the start that has been abundantly fulfilled. After Jamie’s session I had this new found peace and wholeness inside of myself. I’m also able to connect to my inner truth and guidance, which has allowed many layers of denial to be removed, by trusting and surrendering. Be prepared for miracles to happen when you see Jamie. She has truly changed my life and I’ll be forever grateful.”

Eventbrite tickets

September 20-23
Sherith Temple San Francisco
Over 25 of the Top People in the Field Presenting
25 Exhibitor Booths, 2 Evening Sound Healing Concerts
In a Spectacular Temple
Early Bird Discount until July 1st

Mt. Shasta Sound Healing Retreat

July 13th, 14th and morning of the 15th
Come vibrate with us in a beautiful spot in Nature
$228 until July 1st  (Always sells out)

Free Sound Healing Workshop and Open House

Sunday June 30th 1-6PM
How Sound affects us Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually
with many heart opening meditations with sound.
Come for all or part.    (Call for a tour anytime)
CLICK HERE for more details

Sound Healing and Therapy Certificate

Next Semester begins September 3rd
Pay in full by July 1st and save $400
ONLINE – Next start time is June 22nd or July 2nd
Ongoing Enrollment starts about every two weeks

Associate of Occupational Studies in Sound Healing and Therapy

The Certificate Program is the 1st Semester of the Degree Program
AT THE INSTITUTE – Next Semester begins September 3rd
Pay in full by July 1st and save $1500

ONLINE – Next start time is June 22nd or July 2nd (ongoing enrollment)
Pay in full and save $1000

Recording Arts and Technology Certificate

Next semester begins July 1st
ONLINE – Next semester starts in June with Live Instructors