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“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Photograph of a Water Droplet being Vibrated by Sound



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Sound Healing and Therapy Certificate

Semester just began … you can still jump in
Half online and half at the Institute in Sausalito

Next start time is February 11th or 18th
Ongoing Enrollment starts about every two weeks


Recording Arts and Technology Certificate

ONLINE –  Semester just began … You can still jump in.
One day per week and  5 hours of labs

Home Note Assessment

Find your home note (Root/Soul )where you are At Peace and get a CD in its key.
Proven to be helpful for your immune system and all organs.
Good for a wide range of issues.
Online or at the Institute

VAH – Voice Analysis Harmony Software

Find missing frequencies in your voice that correspond to different physical and emotional issues.
Assessment and Song Remedies $65.
Full Software $888.  Next training is February 20th. Purchase by February 10th to join.
More info at www.VoiceAnalysisHarmony.com


January 13th – 23rd
February 24th – March 6th

Pay in full by December 24th and save $500
Individual Courses Available
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Classes are 10AM – 9:30 PM every day.  You are welcome to stay at the Institute for $200 for each 10 days.

to see the Detailed Schedule

2nd/3rd SEMESTER
COURSES Hrs Credits
SH300 Inter. Sound Healing & Therapy Overview 2 30 2
SH310 Interm. Inner Awareness Transformation 2 15 1
SH320 Intermediate Inner Music 2 15 1
SH330 Interm. Toning, Chant and Mantra 2 30 2
SH340 Interm. Sound, Consciousness & Spirituality 2 15 1
SH350 Interm. Natural Sound Healing Instruments 15 1
SH399 Guest Lecturers 45 1
SH300L Interm. Resonant Connections 15 1
TOTAL 180 10

Associate of Occupational Studies in Sound Healing and Therapy Program
Course Descriptions

Second / Third Semester

Intermediate Sound Healing and Therapy Overview 1

30 hours

Intermediate Sound Healing and Therapy Overview 1
10 Classes

This class continues exploring the full perspective of everything going on in the field of Sound Healing and Sound Therapy. Students are introduced to how to do sessions in the Sound Therapy Center on clients that we bring in for healing sessions. Students also learn about more frameworks for the explanation of consciousness, and how sound, music and energy can be used within those systems for healing and expansion of consciousness and awareness including the Ancient Wisdom teachings of Alice Bailey and various archetypal frequencies of the universe. Students develop ideal treatment plans for people with various types of emotional and physical issues including depression, fear and anxiety.

Individual classes available

Instructor: David Gibson

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Intermediate Inner Awareness and Transformation 1

15 Hours

Inner Awareness 1
5 Classes

The class continues with the use of sound as a personal tool for your own creative development. We go further into exploring your sound landscape and consciousness with the voice and other sound healing instruments. Class includes work on the pineal gland and our shadow and sub personalities. We also practice distance healing on others — projecting our intentions. We also do sound work at the cellular level.

Instructor: Silvina Vergara
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Intermediate Inner Music Theory 1


Intermediate Inner Music 1
5 Classes

Learn the structure of music from a holonic perspective that covers the full perspective of vibration from atoms to music. Apply the holonic structure perspective to familiar and unfamiliar pieces of music. Increase listening (discerning) abilities of musical components. Explore song form concepts. Begin developing simple musical experiences (pieces, songs, or activities) from a holonic perspective.

Instructor: Lis Addison Ryan Moore

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Intermediate Toning, Chant and Mantra 1

30 Hours

Intermediate Toning, Chanting and Mantra 1
10 Classes

The objective of this class is to further the education of the students, giving more usable sound techniques that they can take out into their own practices. In this second semester, we start learning about the sound work of Joseph Rael, a Ute Tiwa Indian. We start learning about “The Tao” and techniques from the Chinese system of sound work. We also learn how the ancient chants of India correspond with the sacred geometry forms called Yantras. The students are expected to practice some of the techniques that we learn from each class.

Instructor: Janis Arch, Suzanne Sterling Anne Hege

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Intermediate Sound, Consciousness, and Spirituality 1


Intermediate Resonant Connections:
Sound, Light, Color, Geometry, Chemistry, Physics, and Consciousness
5 Classes

This class continues with the exploration of the connections between sound and healing from an esoteric perspective with an eye toward the current scientific research being conducted in this field. We continue exploring the understanding of the interconnectedness of the multidimensional levels of sound, vibration, music, color, light and consciousness.

Instructor: Randy Masters
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Natural Sound Healing Instruments

15 Hours

Acupuncture for Tuning Forks
5 Classes

This course provides a basic introduction into to the vast 3000+ year old medical system of Chinese Medicine, including an overview of the theory of Chinese Medicine. The objective of the course is to give students an understanding of the functions, locations and pathways of the 12 regular meridians and the 8 extraordinary meridians. All of the points that have been picked for study can be stimulated with tuning forks, vibration or simple acupressure techniques. If used properly they can enhance your treatments, target particular health issues or aid in helping the body to remain in balance.

Instructor: Deb Follingstad
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Intermediate Sound, Consciousness and Spirituality 2


Application of Symbolic Geometry & Feng Shui for Sound Healers
5 Classes

Students use feng shui to create sound healing treatment rooms that best support the desired changes in consciousness. Richard will share his translation of the often-enigmatic feng shui rules into a set of common-sense principles of good design, based on the laws of Nature. Students will understand how to optimize the flow of life energy into and through any space to make clients most receptive to treatments. In the second section of the course students will explore cosmological mandala images. Understand how these mandalas reveal the cosmic realities and archetypal forces of creation that lie behind the material world. Learn about the symbolic meaning of the patterns, shapes and colors used in sacred art.
Instructor: Richard Feather Anderson

Guest Lecturers


Discover the Power of Boundary for Self-Healing and Healing Others.
An interactive learning experience – with Lisa Rafel
5 Classes

In 1988, following a near death experience in Nepal, Lisa Rafel began receiving direct transmissions that led her into a vastly different way of seeing herself and others. She learned about faith, energy, trust, surrender, compassion, gratitude, and courage, and she developed an extraordinary relationship with nature. Pushed by her teachers, Lisa began offering Hands on, Psychic, and Sound Healings. She was led further to travel to indigenous and ancient cultures and to learn from the people about their way of understanding science, nature and spirit. Lisa’s teaching programs integrate these understandings with her own experience and always include the power of intuition and intention, respect of boundary, applications of sound and energy, and love of self.

This workshop will address the power of boundary as it applies to healing others and to self-care. Wounds acquired in childhood, during our birth and even during our time in the womb can make us develop survival skills that confuse our authentic ability to self manage our boundary. Sound, like love, is a penetrating vibration that can directly impact others. Learn how Lisa’s technique can be useful to your own healing and to your healing practice. Exercises for self-management and a demonstration of Vocal Sound Healing™ will be included.
This class exposes students to a variety of conceptual frameworks, sound healing techniques, and unique personalities.

Instructor: Lisa Rafel

Guest Lecturers 2


The Alchemy of Sound with Vickie Dodd
Sound is a Shapeshifter

The Alchemy of Sound is that it takes what is congealed, congested, compressed and crystallized, and changes its material to a more pliable, resilient, liquid form. The innate function and power of Sound is that it changes all matter that it touches; it can re-arrange and create shape and form.

Our body is a resonating chamber that loves the sound of our own voice. Our sound softens, relaxes and awakens the memory of wellness, cultivating an interior environment that becomes more willing and able to mend. Our voice is a means to shape shift our various physical and emotional realities on a daily basis. We are most fortunate to have this availability.

Emotional and physical stress impedes circulation of ALL fluid systems.

In this time together we will use the power of our voice as solution for restoring our liquid intelligence. We will apply practical tools to tune our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies on a daily basis. Simple use of the principles of frequency, intention and resonance provide us with an on-going form to restore ourselves into a balanced, cohesive state of being.

We will use our voices to enhance our wellbeing, improve our circulation, change physical and emotional alignment, and plug in to that which is our Source.  Sound changes form, rearranges form, creates form.

Instructor: Vickie Dodd

Guest Lecturers 3


Tuning the Human Biofield

Those of us who are healers with sound see outcomes, we observe people relaxing, becoming more present and aware, achieving greater degrees of freedom. But what exactly is taking place in the body that brings about this response? And is there a way to quantify it?

Eileen Day McKusick has spent the last 20 years bouncing sound like sonar off the human body and the atmosphere around it and listening to what comes back. Her research has yielded both a profoundly powerful therapeutic treatment she calls Biofield Tuning, as well as a very specific structure of what appears to be mind and memory in the diffuse magnetic field around the body.

In this talk, Eileen will share data from her various experiments with different technologies along with some hypotheses on the mechanics of mind/body/sound interactions.